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Boni•Maddison has worked closely with many of non-profit societies and government ministries who provide and operate housing alternatives such as emergency shelters, short stay treatment facilities and group homes for people with special needs. For these clients we have designed new facilities and renovated existing houses to accommodate very specific functional needs. As an area of specialization, we have become very familiar with not only the specific architectural design issues, but also the elaborate funding and licensing requirements. Through an understanding of the individual users and their specific needs, we can provide appropriate barrier free housing which satisfies the requirements of the physically and mentally challenged, as well as people experiencing a temporary crisis situation. In each case, a prime design concern is the integration of the housing solution with its neighborhood context.
NG Nair Place, Langley
CRESST, Surrey
Neville House, Burnaby
Holly Park Home, Surrey
• Functional Group Homes, various locations

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